A poetic road documentary
by Jukka Rajala-Granstubb & Marc Wagenbach

Pina Bausch is an icon of German dance theatre.
In 2009, she passed away.
This film is one view of her legacy.

Germany, Finland, Netherlands
35 min
Jukka Rajala-Granstubb, Marc Wagenbach
Mila Münster, Jutta Dollbaum, Rainer Dollbaum, Hartmut Göhlich, Milton Camilo, Dagmar Beilmann
TANZRAUSCHEN, Malakta Films Ltd,
Jukka Rajala-Granstubb, Marc Wagenbach

Starting point of the story is Marc’s perspective and his personal connection to Wuppertal and the time working with Pina Bausch. Why did Pina Bausch’s work affect him? Why was it so important for him? What remains in the end? // Ausgangspunkt der Geschichte ist Marcs persönlicher Bezug zu Wuppertal und der Zeit, in der er mit Pina Bausch zusammengearbeitet hat. Warum hat Bauschs Arbeit ihn so berührt? Warum war diese wichtig für ihn? Was bleibt am Ende?

In doing so, he encounters other people from Wuppertal who carry on Pina Bausch’s legacy in very different and personally ways. A narration arises from different images, fictional sequences and flash-backs. Everyday stories are juxtaposed with dance sequences and interviews: from realistic-journalistic to magical-surrealistic. A poetic road documentary // Dabei begegnet er anderen Menschen aus Wuppertal, die das Erbe von Pina Bausch auf ganz andere und persönliche Weise weiterführen. Eine Erzählung mit unterschiedlichen Perspektiven, fiktiven Sequenzen und Rückblenden entsteht. Alltägliche Geschichten stehen Tanzsequenzen und Interviews gegenüber: von realistisch-journalistisch bis zu magisch-surreal. Eine poetische Road Documentary

pina bausch,

the world-famous dancer, choreographer and director of Tanztheater Wuppertal, died in June 2009. She left one of the most important artistic legacies – not only in the realm of dance. But why is her legacy still important for us?
Marc is born in Wuppertal. With thirty, he became Bausch’s personal assistant two years before her passing. “touched” is a personal film about identity and loss, the function of art in society, about the citizen of Wuppertal and their memories. A different view on Pina Bausch’s heritage. A counter archive in dance.

Pina Bausch is an icon of German dance theatre. In 2009, she passed away. This film is one view of her legacy – touching and personal.

Jukka Rajala-Granstubb

The Finnish filmmaker Jukka Rajala-Granstubb from Malax was one of the founders of Malakta Art Factory and and Malakta Films Ltd. Malakta is a production house that focuses on the realisation of ideas, where artists from different disciplines can collect, create and exchange their ideas and work.

Jukka is a versatile filmmaker with a background as a director in Finnish broadcasting company YLE.
As a producer and filmmaker he works with documentaries, short films, music videos as well as children's shows and dance films.

Marc Wagenbach

Marc Wagenbach (Dr. phil.) studied Theater Studies, Film and Television Studies at the University of Cologne and at universities in Sydney and Bayreuth, and gained his doctorate in the field of Media Studies and Aesthetics at the University of Cologne.

In 2007, he became assistant to Pina Bausch. Following the death of Pina Bausch, he was appointed Research and Development Manager of the Pina Bausch Foundation (2009-2013). In 2014, he founded Ekeby International Research Center for Contemporary Arts in the Netherlands.


The city of Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) has a population of approx. 350,000. Its geography is characterized by steep slopes, a suspension railway and forests. In the 18th and 19th century, the Wupper valley was one of the major industrial regions of continental Europe which was well known for its textile and blacksmith industry.

festival screenings


Worldpremiere in Wuppertal

„touched“ was the opening film of the dancescreen 2019 + TANZRAUSCHEN Festival Wuppertal (Germany).

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Screening on the EFM - European Film Market as part of the 70. Berlinale

20:30 in CinemaxX2, Postdamer Straße 5, 10785 Berlin

CinemaxX has been the main Berlinale cinema since 2000. It was built as part of the new development of Potsdamer Platz and opened in 1998. No other EFM screening facility offers so many cinemas situated so close together, allowing one to move quickly between the 18 CinemaxX cinemas.

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25.06.2020 – 28.06.2020

Kino Tańca Online / Vol. 2: “touched” Poland Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury (Warsaw) and Fundacja Artystyczna PERFORM

Kino Tańca Online Volume 2 is dedicated to Pina Bausch, a dancer and choreographer who has become an icon of German dance theater. Organizer: Poland Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury (Warschau) and Fundacja Artystyczna PERFORM – Project: Centralna Scena Tańca – Curator: Regina Lissowska-Postaremczak

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03.07.2020 – 10.07.2020

RIFF-Festival Norway / R.E.D. International Film Festival / 5th Edition

Due to COVID-19, RIFF 2020 will be celebrated as a Drive-In festival at the farm in Einawood.
RIFF – FESTIVAL – NORWAY, Einavegen 1771, Eina, Norway, Vestre Toten 2843

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02.10.2020 – 11.09.2020

Portland Dance Film Fest

What an extraordinary time for the world. Humanity has changed. It’s adapted. It’s grown. Portland Dance Film Fest has as well. PDFF 2020 will be virtual. We are saddened by the loss of in person camaraderie, but we’re pumped to face this unique experience. We are ready to expand the virtual connection. The 4th Annual Portland Dance Film Fest will be ten days of over 60 films screenings, workshops, world premieres, and fun. 26 spectacular PDFF Picks, 9 moving documentaries, 24 mini films created while sheltering in place, and the world premiere of the Oregon Dance Film Commission.

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07.10.2020 – 11.10.2020


Our advocacy is to bring further value to the art of dance filmmaking. Fifth Wall Fest Manila focuses on challenging artistic experimentation between dance and film while exploring the possibilities and boundaries (or lack thereof) in the genre. In extending the limits of our objectives, we set out to provide merited recognition of dance and film as separate disciplines, while ultimately encouraging habituation between the two.

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26.11.2020 – 02.12.2020

Tokyo International Short Film Festival

Tokyo Film Festival is a place for unique and underrated films to be seen, films that experience with new methods of narrating their stories. In the International section, we will attempt to select films that explore the human condition and focus on the issues we are facing today. Independent films that deal with refugees and immigrants, the LGBT community, and women and their everyday struggles are our top priority. The selected films will be judged by an outstanding group of juries who will announce the winners after carefully watching and analyzing each film.

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12.01.2021 – 18.01.2021

Seoul International Short Film Festival

At Seoul International Short Film Festival, we aim to become a place, a community, for unique, indie artists, for films/web-series/scripts that explore new approaches to the world of narrative and form. As our name suggests, we welcome submissions from all over the world as we strive to connect filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, actors, editors, music composers and etc. through a shared platform. It is important for us to see how films depict the human condition and focus on the issues the world is facing today. Additionally, films that reflect the life of minorities, refugees and immigrants, the LGBT community, and women (and their everyday struggles) are of utmost important to us.

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